HiFer N.L. from The Netherlands / Europe


Center Frequency:

13.555,440 Mhz  (+/- 40 Hz)

Modulation Pattern:

Asymmetric Sawtooth


8 Hz

Cycle speed:

12 seconds



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In April 2004 I started listening for HiFers on the 22 meter band. Since then I did receive and capture several stations in Spectogram screenshots. Clike -> here <- for a overview of HiFer stations who where received in The Netherlands since then.

Since August 24th 2004 there is also a HiFer beacon on the air in The Netherlands in the 22 meter band. The transmitter output is 1,8 milli Watt and the antenna is a half wave Dipole.  Below you find the wiring diagram and a circuit description of my transmitter just in case you like to build a HiFer transmitter... 

Circuit description:
The LC configuration makes the 555 timer oscillate at a very slow cycle speed. I don't use the square wave output on pin 3, but I use the sawtooth on pin 2 and 6. If you like you can adjust the cycle speed with the 150 K resistor between pin 6 and 7 of the 555 timer chip. Decrease the resistor value will speed up and increase the resistor value will slow down the cycle speed.

!!! First adjust the two variable resistors (Frequency shift & 5 Volt adjust) and later install the SG8002 oscillator. Otherwise it is possible that you go over the +5 Volt range at pin 8 of the SG8002. The voltage on pin 8 of the SG8002 varries between +/- 4,5 and 5 Volt in my Beacon transmitter design. Watch your spectogram waterfall screen and adjust these two variable resistors until you like the modulation pattern of the transmitter. 

Adjust the HF output with the 100 Ohm variable resitor between the SG8002 output on pin 5 and the filter network.

I did not draw it in the wiring diagram below, but if you add a 890 K or 1 M resistor between pin 6 of the 555 timer and ground, then you can adjust the asymmetric pattern of the Sawtooth a bit...

Reports during the first tests:

July 26  2004, Staf Rans - ON6RR, 307 km

August 22 2004, Vic - G3GKI, 486 km

Reports since the official start on August 25th, 2004:

August 26 2004, Erik Platteeuw - ON4LP, 339 km

September 5th 2004, Larry, WB3ANQ, 6225 km

Usefull Links:

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